Anlin Vinyl Windows

West Coast Window and Doors is a Factory Direct Anlin Dealer. Anlin Industries has been manufacturing quality vinyl windows since 1990. When Tom Vidmar founded the company, he adopted the phrase “From Our Family to Yours”; it has been an important part of his vision and how he treats his employees. If you were able to follow Tom around, you would be glad to hear him address each of Anlin’s family members by their first names. If you were to tour the Anlin facility, you would see a large investment in state-of-the-art equipment that enables Anlin to manufacture the highest quality windows while maintaining a safety record that has earned Anlin the California OSHA Sharp Award. Anlin is currently the only window manufacturer to have received this recognition.

In 1999, Anlin moved into a state of the art manufacturing facility in Clovis, California. There, they completely redesigned their windows, setting a new standard for energy efficiency, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. Anlin continues to create new products and make improvements to existing products to meet the high expectations of their customers. Each Anlin product comes with a transferrable Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Catalina Vinyl Windows

Catalina offers several reasons to buy Vinyl Replacement Windows. With new vinyl windows, you are reducing your energy bills year round. Catalina Windows are among the most efficient dual-pane windows ever built. Each window creates an energy saving barrier that keeps your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Not only will Catalina add Beauty and value to your home, but allow you to personalize the look with their grid styles and color options.

Panoramic Windows

Anlin Panoramic windows expand your view of the beautiful outdoors, invite more light into your home and offer a modern, slim look. As an Anlin premium series, Panoramic windows offer the features, quality and value that homeowners desire.

Coronado Vinyl Windows

Coronado by Anlin allows you to keep the noise level out and the comfort level in. Coronado windows are designed to reduce exterior noise and make your home a quieter and more comfortable. You can rest easy knowing that Anlin’s top priority is safety and security. With their advanced interlocking rails and double locking mechanisms on larger windows, they have exceeded the toughest forced entry tests in the industry. Coronado series windows are easy to clean and are very user-friendly, allowing you to open and close with ease. Some models offer tilt-in-sashes which makes cleaning even easier. An occasional wipe down with soap and water keeps your Anlin windows clean for life.

Malibu Vinyl Sliding Patio Doors

Malibu sliding patio doors will offer you a lifetime of beauty, comfort and energy savings. Malibu offers two styles of patio doors to choose from; Standard with 2 ½” wide rails and French Style with 4 ½” wide rails. Malibu doors are made for beauty and comfort that will last. Each door is built with low maintenance vinyl that will never lose its shape or color. The vinyl acts as an efficient thermal barrier. When combined with the safety tempered insulated glass, the doors are meant to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The optional InfinitE Plus is a high performance glazing system that will make your doors easier to clean and that will stay clean longer. The standard features include White or Tan vinyl with color matched handles, safety tempered glass, two point lock; passed stringent California Forced Entry (CFE) resistance tests, extruded screen frame & self latching metal handle with toggle switch.

Anlin Malibu Vinyl Swinging French Doors

Anlin also offers vinyl swinging French doors in a variety of different swing operations that will fit your needs. With Anlin French doors, you can enhance the beauty and elegance in any home. These doors are loaded with impressive features and high performance energy efficiency. Anlin’s French doors’ quality standard features include a three-point lock that has passed stringent California Forced Entry (CFE) resistance tests, dead bolt for added security, and a Lifetime Limited transferrable warranty. Each door is available in Inswing or Outswing.

Anlin Bay & Bow Windows

Bay and Bow Windows can dramatically improve the appearance and value of your home. They bring the colors from outside right into your room. Not only does it make the room lighter, it makes the room feel larger. Bay and Bow windows are made using the Coronado Series Windows and provide many features and advantages. The windows are custom-sized to fit your opening. Available in either White or Tan, 30° Bay, 45° Bay or 10° Bow. The left and right panels, or known as “flankers” can be either double-hung or casement windows. Double-hung flankers are standard on Bays. They include tilt-in sashes for easy cleaning. Casement flankers offer a multi-point locking system and 90° “washability hinges” for easy cleaning. Your center panel can either be a picture window, which is standard, or a fixed casement (optional).


The standard color options are White and Tan, the optional upgrade is Bronze Exterior with White interior.


The standard color options are White and Tan, the optional upgrade is Bronze Exterior with White interior.


Grid Patterns include Colonial, Perimiter and Queen Anne
Grid Patterns include Colonial, Perimiter and Queen Anne

Anlin Window Systems Full Lifetime Warranty

When you purchase Anlin Catalina, Coronado and Malibu vinyl windows and doors for your home, your products are backed by the best warranty in the industry. At no cost to you, and for as long as you live in your home, Anlin will repair or replace any properly installed and maintained product determined to be defective in materials or workmanship. So you can enjoy the beauty and energy efficiency of your Anlin windows with a lifetime of peace of mind.
If you are the original purchaser, your warranty is in effect for as long as you live in your home. Anlin will repair or replace covered products that are defective in materials or workmanship as longs as they as they have been properly installed and maintained.
Anlin will cover ALL COSTS, INCLUDING PARTS, SHIPPING AND LABOR to repair or replace covered products. You won’t need to pay a cent. There are no hidden costs.
When you purchase and install covered Anlin products, we are happy to extend complimentary glass replacement for accidental breakage for as long as you live in your home. And, should you sell your home, subsequent owners are covered for a period of 10 years from the date of original installation. This complimentary service includes standard and even specialty glasses such as obscured, tinted, tempered and V-Groove! The only exclusion is laminated glass.
Once your Anlin purchase and installation is complete, your warranty is in effect. You don’t have to submit anything to Anlin. It is a good idea to fill your order information on the front of the warranty certificate and put it in a file so you can reference it should you need to obtain service. But you will receive service for covered claims with or without your certificate.
All you have to do is contact the contractor or builder who installed your products or Anlin directly. Then provide reasonable access for us to examine the product for defects and make covered repairs.
If Anlin or its representative determines that repairing the product isn’t feasible or cannot be done in a timely manner, you may choose to have Anlin replace the defective product or refund your original purchase price.